Claudia mit Schneiderpuppe

Knit what fits you!

Finally, start knitting pieces that fit you great and that you feel super comfortable in.

Do you know the 5 things to look for to knit the sweater you’ll never want to take off?

We are all different – and that’s a good thing!

Not you have to change to fit in standard sizes,

but just stay as you are,

and adjust your clothes to fit you.

What do you need help with right now?

Not sure what you want to knit next and need some more inspiration?
Or you already have a yarn that you want to knit now, and for which you are still missing the right pattern?

Not sure what suits you and what measurements you need to knit a garment for yourself?
Would you like to learn how to knit a garment for yourself that fits you great?

You dye yarn and are looking for a designer to create a pattern for your yarn?
You are organizing a wool festival and are still looking for a workshop teacher?
Let’s talk about it!

Hey, I’m Claudia,

and knitting is my passion.

I’ve been knitting since I was in high school and there’s hardly a technique I haven’t tried. Of course, I also had plenty of failed attempts that I never wore or simply ripped – does that sound familiar?

Since I’ve grown up, standard size pieces haven’t fit me. What fits over my chest is usually in the shoulders too wide, too tight on the sleeves andtoo short in length. That’s why I started designing tops myself a few years ago.

All my patterns have 6 or more sizes, are easy to follow and explain all the techniques you need. Because I want to spare you the frustration that I experienced in all the years before.

And since we don’t all have the same figure, I help knitters like you determine their body shape in workshops and take proper measurements. Together we’ll figure out what suits you and where you can make adjustments to make the sweater fit great.

Strickdesignerin Claudia Eisenkolb in dunkelblauem Pulli und dunkelblauer Hose mit Tasse mit Ausschrift I turn Coffee into Sweater

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Well, how does that sound to you?